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Pezzi Preziosi



Web Designer & Developer


Nov 2011


Pezzi Preziosi

I had been working as a Web Designer for AB Informatica, a B2B IT solutions provider, for about 2 years.
While working there, I was commissioned the design of a custom Wordpress Website for Pezzi Preziosi, a small and well-stocked shop that offers a wide variety of jewelry and precious items. They also specialize in watch sales and repairs. 


The client required a simple website but with a unique design. They asked
me to create a Wordpress website from scratch, because they didn't want to use an existing theme.


So, I designed a custom Wordpress theme for Pezzi Preziosi's new website, paying particular attention to creating a clear navigation and site structure, and ensuring that the site's visual design and functionality were optimized to meet the client's needs.

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