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Aoi Sushi


Project type

UX Design for a Website


Feb 2023

Figma Prototype

Case Study PDF


The following case study presents a project I worked on as an assignment for the course "Responsive web design in Adobe XD", part of the "Google UX Design Professional Certificate" I recently completed.

The project consisted in designing a website from conception to the creation of a high-fidelity prototype. In the following case study, I show the five phases of the UX Design process (empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test) that I followed to design the website.

For my assignment, I had to design a website for a hypothetical business or organization. Using a prompt generator, I chose to design a menu website for a sushi restaurant.

"Aoi Sushi is a sushi restaurant based in Milan, Italy.
They are specialized in catering to people with dietary restrictions.
Aoi Sushi commissioned the design of a website that allows users to filter menu items according to their dietary needs."

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